Water Therapy, Physical Water Therapy

No matter how you spent the rest of your day, taking even a few minutes in a Sundance Spas Capri can renew body, mind and spirit.

Sephira Massage

We offer Massage therapy, energetic massage and reflexology at homes in Amsterdam and Haarlem (Netherlands). Lots of information about massage and reflexology, integration of emotions & personal growth.

Family Therapy Classes

We at harness and strength families through our family therapy classes - which teach family members to work collaboratively.

Home Care for Senior, Florida

Offers home care for seniors, health care issues for the elderly in Florida.

Psychology Counseling by Expert Psychologists & Psychiatrists in Chicago

Our therapists provide a comfortable and professional environment where people feel confident that they receive the best therapy.

Complementary and Holistic Healthcare

Alternative and holistic treatments, courses and training programs, access to information about a range of ways to treat illness using natural products

Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine

Ayurvedic healing is based on a holistic approach mentioned in our Vedas.

Shape Plus - Personal Training in Denver, CO

We will determine the most effective strategy for getting the results you need and then kick into motion a plan of "Massive Action" for success.

Hair Loss & Baldness Treatments, Prevention, Solutions, Cures & Remedy

Hair loss remedy, solutions, cures & prevention for female/male pattern & propecia baldness product for hair regrowth & hair loss treatments.

Alternative Medicine Center online

Dr. Anca Martalog, European Canadian Naturopathic Doctor, treats patients with any health challenges from 3 continents using alternative medicine. This site offers online treatment options + free health strategies.

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