Health Magazines

Issues Magazine

Welcome to Issues Magazine for Empowerment. A resource for connecting, healing, and awakening that was started in 1990. Our mission is to provide inspiration and networking opportunities for the Conscious Community. 25,000 copies are distributed freely in BC and Alberta. Issues Magazine sponsors the Spring Festival of Awareness and the Wise Woman Festival.

Healthy Directions

A magazine dedicated to natural healing and health that may also be viewed online.

EAGLEyeONE Magazine

This magazine has shared positive news since 1993. A unique blend of  "old time integrity" & "ideas that positively transcend".

Alive magazine

Alive magazine brings you the latest news on women's health, beauty, weight loss, healthy recipes, environment reports and wellness.

Vista Magazine Online

Valuable health information with a natural medicine emphasis.

Consumer Reports on Health

An independent, expert nonprofit presentation of health issues.

A Magazine of People and Possibilities

The inspirational, self help, holistic publication created by Veronica Hay.

The Healing Journal

Supporting conscious change, healthy lifestyles and alternative healing methods.

EarthSave Canada

Learn the effects of food choices on the environment, personal health and animal compassion.

Common Ground Magazine

Featuring insightful articles on relevant topics

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