Non-Pharmaceutical Products


Doctor recommended herbal alternatives for prescription medication.

Zrii™, The Original Amalaki™ Nutritional Supplement

Amalaki liquid nutritional supplement formulated using Ayurvedic wisdom which encourages vitality and rejuvenation while helping health

Dr Kohli's Bio Balanced Remedies Inc.

An evidenced based herbal medicine manufacturing company. Products include Herbal Muscle & Joint Pain Oil, Herbal Hair Oil, Eczema Cream

Erection Problems

We are a supplier of sexual enhancement products, including Herbal Viagra 100% Natural Erection Remedy.

Zone Diet

Specialized meal plans for the Zone Diet as well as many other popular diets. Have these specially created meals delivered to you.

Vitaklenz Lawang Oil

Lawang Oil is potent essential oil which relieves symptoms of inflammation.

Nutritional Supplements

Various nutritional supplements such as protein powder, protein shakes, natural whey protein powder, green drink powder, omega 3 fish oil.....

Hemorrhoids Treatment/Remedy

Natural Treatment for internal and external hemorrhoids, itching piles, bleeding hemorrhoids and anal fissure with Rue Care Oil.


Allergy Relief Products at Specializing in herbal pain relief, natural allergy relief, vaginal lubricants.

Weight Loss

Hoodia, a natural appetite suppressant, is earning attention as a potentially powerful weapon in the war against obesity. Buy now!

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