Professional Reflexology U.K.

 Website of a reflexology organisation in the U.K.

Reflexology Schools was established by a certified reflexologist to help bring larger attention to reflexology as an effective, natural therapy. By promoting an education in reflexology the therapy, more will have an opportunity to experience and benefit from it.

HandResearch - The Science About Hands

Evolution shaped the human hand from an organ of locomotion, into an organ which serves our intelligence. What does the hand reveal about our physical - and psychological nature?

Reflexology for Back Pain

Back pain: leading cause of disability according to the WHO. What is back pain exactly? Can reflexology help? How does reflexology work? Is there proof that it is a science? Where can I find a reflexologist? Does back pain have to be a life sentence? NO, say the latest and most valid scientific studies. These and many other questions are answered on this website designed to inform, guide and help back pain sufferers and their reflexologists worldwide. Additionally visitors will find many useful tips and testimonials.

Chinese Reflexology

Foot Therapy applies different stimulations including massage, acupuncture, massage bar, and the local application of drugs to certain locations on the feet for the prevention and treatment of diseases and the preservation of health.

Reflexology Schools

Your educational resource to find schools specializing in the training of Reflexology. Expand your horizons and search for additional schools specializing in other great career paths.

Find a Reflexologist Ltd.U.K.

UK register of fully qualified reflexologists and an information resource about reflexology. Understand what reflexology is and what it can do.

Reflexology in Europe Network (RIEN)

Check out information about reflexology in each  European country.

Reflexology Association of Australia

for Aussies (particularly NSW) and persons curious about reflexology in Australia.

Reflexology World

takes you to an international reflexology publication published in Australia.

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