Reflexology: Taking a New Look

By Christopher Shirley

It isn't surprising that many people have dismissed reflexology. After all, there just isn't any obvious reason why a simple massage of the feet would have any kind of important therapeutic benefit.
Sure, we can all agree that it might be pleasurable - even very relaxing - but, that is about it, right? There is absolutely no precedent for the basic premise of reflexology that areas of the feet correspond to other parts of the body, and, that stimulation of these areas of the feet therapeutically relaxes the corresponding parts of the body!

Introduction to Reflexology

By Christopher Shirley

Welcome to the universe of reflexology. I choose these words carefully because it is my experience that reflexology is capable of taking you to the boundaries of your universe and, if you are willing, beyond those boundaries. (See discussion of boundaries at the end of this article.)

Reflexology is a NATURAL HEALING ART.

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