Professional Reflexology Treatment Sessions



Partaking of reflexology treatment sessions is a little bit like partaking of massage: some people will do it as and when they have a specific health concern and they want the therapeutic benefit of reflexology to facilitate their healing; others partake of reflexology when they have a particularly high level of stress and tension in their lives (and in their body); still others have regular sessions of reflexology as part of their preventative health regimen: and then, there are those people who indulge themselves purely for the blissful pleasure of the experience and the profound relaxation that they enjoy after - some as a special treat on a special occasion, and others as a regular indulgence.

In case you are wondering what to expect the following should help:

For your first session, your health history will be recorded before commencing your reflexology stimulation. Your session will be tailor-made to address your health history and current health challenges. For the session itself you will be comfortably reclined in a zero-gravity chair.  Background relaxation music is optional. The reflexology techniques are special (massage) techniques designed to stimulate the reflex areas of the feet, hands or ears to bring about a profound relaxation. The resulting reduction of stress and tension creates in your body the capacity to revitalize and rejuvenate itself. This is believed to be the process from which many experience natural healing.

One Hour Hand, Foot or Ear Sessions: Enjoy the benefits and pleasure of the deep relaxation induced by having all the reflex areas of your feet, hands or ears thoroughly and expertly stimulated. Book an appointment today.

In the Lower Mainland of B.C., enjoy your session with our instructor Hai Ming (Alex) Zhu at 103-22347 Lougheed Hwy, Maple Ridge, B.C.  Phone: (604) 710-6858.   Email:

In Saskatchewan, you can enjoy your session with Christopher Shirley at 2047 Rae Street, Regina.  Phone: (306) 525-6199.   Email:

Session Fee: $75.00 for one session; $325.00 for prepaid package of five sessions


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