Practicum requirement



     In order to receive a certificate for this course you are required to perform and document forty practice reflexology sessions on adults, using the techniques and format that are presented in this course. Within the forty sessions there should be at least eight different people worked on, and, at least eight sessions performed on one person. Part of the requirement is for you to make all the necessary arrangements for each of the sessions.


     If you live within the lower mainland, as an integral part of your practicum, you are required to attend the “Student Clinic” at the Institute to perform at least twelve sessions. The sessions that you perform at the student clinics will count as part of your practicum requirement. Before you arrange to attend a student clinic you need to have completed at least ten practice sessions with family members and friends. When you are ready to attend a student clinic, you should contact the Institute to arrange for your attendance.


     The documentation required is: one “Reflexology Health Record” completed for each recipient of reflexology before their first reflexology session. Carry this out as an interview in which you record answers to all of the questions as succinctly and fully as possible. Information obtained is used to determine which reflex areas need to be focused on. This is then recorded at the bottom of the “Reflexology Session Record” as a reminder for you during the session.


     Second, complete one “Foot Inspection Record” for each recipient of reflexology before their first session. Use a pencil and update this record if there are any changes on subsequent sessions.


     Third, one “Reflexology Session Record” is to be completed for each and every reflexology session performed. On the chart, mark sensitive reflex areas with X X X X̓ s; mark painful reflex areas (‘owies̓) with √√√√’s. Do not write comments on the “Reflexology Session Record”.


     Before each subsequent reflexology session, enquire as to the recipient’s experience of the previous session, especially any unpleasant effects after the session, and, enquire as to the recipient’s health and circumstances since the previous session. Date and enter any relevant information or comments on the back of the Reflexology Health Record.


     The practicum should be completed within four calendar months.