"Bodystone" Hot Stone Massage DVD

"Bodystone" Hot Stone Massage DVD by Dale Kobialko

Uncover the secrets of Stones in this step-by-step educational "Bodystone" DVD, developed by Dale Kobialko on the basics of Hot Stone Massage and how to create a relaxing, gentle and effective treatment for your client.

This interactive DVD shows a completely narrated full body session from start to finish. You will be shown the equipment needed, how to setup a workspace, the techniques used, and how to use the stones safely and effectively. Plus, "Massage Secrets" on how to do your very own Hot, Cold and Chakra Stone Massages....at your very finger tips!

"So well done!  I was led to believe that this training was outstanding and I was not disappointed" - Sally Anderson

"Everything was very organized and professional. I really appreciated the pace" - Tara Osborne

"Everything was amazing! It was easy to follow along. I am excited to do this procedure with my clients" - Jackie Waine

"I've heard many great things about the hot/cold stone massage and really see how beneficial it could be to the client" -Jenny Plavcic

"Being a destination spa it's important to have quality and consistency in our stone treatments. And with Bodystone massage training our customers are delighted with their sessions." - Kathy - Spa Director

Price: $29.95