"HONEY in the morning, honey in the evening, honey at suppertime...."

 No doubt you have a jar of honey in your kitchen cupboard. I am wondering……. do you have any idea what a wonderful healing agent honey can be?

Apparently, when bees produce honey they infuse it with properties that facilitate storage. I have read about a jar of honey that was approximately 5000 years old – and still O.K.

Well, there are some theories regarding which agents in the honey produce this amazing quality, but, there are still some unknown qualities.

The bottom line is that it has long been recognized that honey will kill infections. Hence, the use of honey & lemon for a sore throat. Lemon for its vitamin C and honey for its ability to kill infections. Modern products copy this with honey & lemon flavored capsules – a weak copy of the real thing.

It has been my experience that nothing is more effective than honey in killing a fungal infection. Athletes Feet is one example. Honey can be diluted with a little water and applied directly onto the infected area. I recommend that this be done just before retiring for bed. Some kind of cover, like a sock, is needed to protect the bed sheets. In my experience the results are profound.

In a research paper that looks at the effectiveness of honey for dressing burns it states: “Honey seems to have the potential to clear infection as well as to be an effective prophylactic agent that may contribute to reducing the risks of cross-infection.”

Similarly, honey has been scientifically researched as a result of its effectiveness in protecting open wounds from infection.

For a more scientific discussion, use this link: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3048876/

Honey, it is so, so sweet and yet so decidedly toxic to bacteria and fungi! Keep it handy in your kitchen.