Home Study Assignment

The home study assignment that is part of our basic courses covers basic anatomy and physiology of the human body. There are segments for each of the systems of the body that include a colouring chart, a set of notes and a quiz. The assignment requires you to read the notes, colour the charts and answer the questions (based on the notes) in the quizzes.

Nurses, physiotherapists, massage therapists and other professionals with a background knowledge of anatomy and physiotherapy often remark how this is a good review for them.

This assignment need only be completed for the first basic course that you attend at the Institute. There is no point in completing it  again for your second or third basic course - unless you choose to.

Students submit their home study assignment along with their practicum documentation upon completion of the practicum in a completion interview. Students who live at a distance from the Institute submit everything by mail. The documentation and home study assignment are reviewed as a learning process, and, if everthing is completed satisfactory a certificate is awarded.