Basic Holistic Hand Reflexology Certificate Weekend Course

This intensive seventy five hour course is offered on weekends, and is comprised of twenty hours of group instruction, fifteen hours home study and forty hours of practicum. Enrolment is limited to twelve participants ensuring plenty of personal supervision during the learning process. A complete set of course notes is provided to each participant

In this course participants are taught how to work on their own hands, and, how to work on another person's hands. Consequently this course is particularly valuable for those people who wish to use reflexology for self-help.

Friday evening provides an introduction to the historical and theoretical context of hand reflexology, an introduction to techniques used to loosen up your own hands, and, the basic techniques used to stimulate reflexes.

Saturday, instruction in the techniques used to stimulate the reflex areas of your own hands is followed with practice of these newly learned techniques. To complete the day, the techniques used on another person's hands are introduced.

Sunday, application of reflexology techniques to another persons hands are practiced. At the end of the course instruction the requirements of the practicum and home study are reviewed before participants set out to practice their newly acquired skill on their friends.

Students submit documentation of their practice and home study for review and coaching upon completion of their practicum. Participants who are not able to submit their documentation in person submit it by mail.

The promise of the course is that participants who complete the requirements will be able to practice hand reflexology competently on their self and on others.

A certificate is awarded for successful completion of the course.

This course, combined with the Advanced Reflexology Professional Skills Certificate Course prepares you to write the Reflexology Association of British Columbia professional standard exam. This course is also accredited by the Reflexology Association of Canada for 20 CEU's (Category R.)


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Committing to take a course at a school that you are not familiar with can feel risky. The following information is provided to assist you in your assessment of our Basic Holistic Hand Reflexology Course. We gather feedback from our students when they have completed the course to assist us to keep the course excellent.

Since January 2000 26 students completed this course and evaluated the course and the instructor. The following rating scale was used:

1. Very Poor, 2. Poor, 3. Satisfactory, 4. Good, 5. Very Good, 6. Excellent.

The following is a summation of their responses:

Degree to which the course met your expectations:
Good: 8%; Very Good: 46%; Excellent: 46%.
Quality of course content:
Satisfactory: 4%; Good: 11%; Very Good: 46%; Excellent: 39%
General atmosphere of class:
Good: 23%; Very Good: 58%; Excellent: 19%.
Value of Notes:
Good: 11%; Very Good: 39%; Excellent: 50%.

Interaction with students:
Satisfactory: 4%; Good: 7.5%; Very Good: 27%; Excellent: 61.5%.
Assistance to students:
Satisfactory: 4%; Good: 7.5%; Very Good: 34.5%; Excellent: 54%.
Communication Skills:
Good: 7%; Very Good 39%; Excellent: 54%.
Planning and organisation:
Good: 11.5%; Very Good: 15.5%; Excellent: 73%.
Knowledge of topic:
Good: 4%; Very Good: 11.5%; Excellent: 84.5%
Professional Conduct:
Good: 4%; Very Good: 34.5%; Excellent: 61.5%.

“I did this course for people that you can’t work on feet. I had amazing results & started to like to give hand reflexology more than feet. I liked the exchange a lot. The student clinic is really great.”

“I found most valuable the respect for the students and the precise information.”

“I found most valuable the course content, the practicum aspect and the student clinics – especially.”

“We learned to use this method on ourselves.”

“The hands-on practice was valuable & I find it valuable to have someone to call when things arise.”

“Most valuable were the actual techniques of using our hands most effectively and correctly at each of the different organs.”

“The course has given me a better understanding of the way our bodies hold and/or release stressors. Great experience.”

“ I found that the practice time on other classmates hands is invaluable. As well the “home” practice sessions on clients enables the student to remember what he/she has learned. Also reviewing the “form’ for critical points and completion is essential especially when the reflexology leads to a business.”

“There was enough time to study and let the course sink in as a lot of the terminology was new to me. The hands-on for the 2 days was excellent.”

The most valuable thing I learned about was to learn how to work on my own hands. To take care of my own hands and my well being is important, so that I can take care of the other person.”

“I never felt that I needed to seek out any outside reading as everything was right there and very understandable. I really appreciated the course note binder & will treasure it. I feel very proud of the knowledge I’ve gained – even if I never use it, however I intend to!”

“Most valuable was learning about the body & how we can help encourage the body to heal and relax.”

“The technique was very understandable, easy to learn with no stress in the class. It helped me a lot to do good work and getting each others feedback was beneficial and helped me to increase my confidence and knowledge.”

“Great Class.”