Basic Holistic Foot Reflexology Certificate Weekend Course

This intensive seventy five hour course is offered on weekends and consists of twenty hours of group instruction, fifteen hours home study and forty hours of practicum. Enrolment is limited to twelve participants ensuring plenty of personal supervision during the learning process. A complete set of course notes plus an audio CD that guides the listener through a complete foot reflexology session are provided to participants to support them in their learning.

 The first evening of the course commences with an introduction to the historical and theoretical context of reflexology. The evening is completed with a “hands-on” introduction to the techniques used to loosen up and relax the feet and the basic techniques used to stimulate reflexes.

Saturday, instruction covers preparation for a session and learning the techniques used to stimulate the different reflexes of the feet.

Sunday, these techniques are repeatedly reviewed by participants to develop confidence.

At the conclusion of the course instruction the requirements of the home study and practicum are reviewed before participants set out to practice on their friends.

Participants submit documentation of their practice and home study for review and coaching upon completion of their practicum. Participants who are not able to submit their documentation in person submit it by mail.

The promise of the course is that participants who complete the requirements will be able to practice foot reflexology competently.

This course, combined with the Advanced Reflexology Professional Skills Certificate Course prepares you to write the Reflexology Association of British Columbia professional standard exam and apply for professional membership with the Reflexology Association of Canada.


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Committing to take a course at a school that you are not familiar with can feel risky. The following information is provided to assist you in your assessment of our Basic Holistic Foot Reflexology Course. We gather feedback from our students when they have completed the course to assist us to keep the course excellent.

Since January 2000 over 200 students completed this course and evaluated the course and the instructor. The following rating scale was used:

1. Very Poor, 2. Poor, 3. Satisfactory, 4. Good, 5. Very Good, 6. Excellent.

The following is a summation of their responses:

Degree to which the course met your expectations:
Satisfactory: 0.5%; Good: 8.5%; Very Good: 37%; Excellent: 54%.
Quality of course content:
Satisfactory: 1%; Good: 6.8%; Very Good: 36.4%; Excellent: 55.8%
General atmosphere of class:
Poor: 0.5%; Satisfactory: 5.4%; Good: 20.5%; Very Good: 39%;
Excellent: 34.6%.
Value of Notes:
Good: 10%; Very Good: 29.2%; Excellent: 60.8%.

Interaction with students:
Satisfactory: 3%; Good: 16.3%; Very Good: 42.6%; Excellent: 38.1%.
Assistance to students:
Satisfactory: 2.5%; Good: 12.7%; Very Good: 34.3%; Excellent: 50.5%.
Communication Skills:
Satisfactory: 1.4%; Good: 13.5%; Very Good 33.8%; Excellent: 51.3%.
Planning and organisation:
Satisfactory: 0.5%; Good: 6.3%; Very Good: 26.8%; Excellent: 66.4%.
Knowledge of topic:
Satisfactory: 0.5%; Good: 1.9%; Very Good: 9.6%; Excellent: 88.0%
Professional Conduct:
Satisfactory: 0.5%; Good: 4.9%; Very Good: 18.5%; Excellent: 76.1%.

“I appreciated the school part done in 3 days… I appreciated while you taught us you made us do the work so we were learning and practicing all at once. I was able to come away & remember it so well because of that. I also liked the cost, it was the most reasonable I found!”

“The student practicum was great. It was good to have the opportunity to work in a professional environment. The evaluation at the end of the course was also valuable in cleaning up any areas that needed tidying. It’s nice that it isn’t rushed, and whatever time is needed is taken. The notes are great and very thorough.”

“I feel that I can competently give a complete reflexology treatment to people. I know the reflex points without referring to any notes & how to work those reflex areas. In addition, I have the tools I need to begin my journey into a new career.”

“The one-on-one learning (If I was doing something wrong, to be shown the right way was a huge help).”

“Instructors knowledge of subject & style of presentation made course relaxed but professional”.

“Opened up a new & exciting & healing approach when dealing with stress.”

“Lots of time spent on technique without wasting time. Class size was ideal”.

“The practicum helped a lot with my confidence when dealing with clients.”

“You are given the tools that you need to learn and practice reflexology in one weekend. That you can trust your hands to remember what to do and where to go next.”

“What began as a gift for a family member, has turned into a wonderful opportunity to give back relaxation, and improved health to friends, family & others alike. With this skill has come an additional understanding and appreciation of the body, its functions, as well as its ability to reveal what it needs to return itself to ‘good health’. It is training I will never regret acquiring!”

“I learned a new way of helping people feel better – It was a very thorough course and I learned a lot”.

“My career path is chosen, my own wellness improved vastly. The set up of the course enabled me to learn & develop my own style on my own time. The audio tape was excellent. Information written
& oral was succinct & easy to follow. Closing interview extremely helpful.”

“A very enjoyable and rewarding course.”

“The course is very thorough and systematic – good grounding for further study.”

“I like the ethics and philosophy behind this reflexology approach.”

“It’s up to date, specific.”