Basic Holistic Ear Reflexology Certificate Weekend Course

 Ear Reflexology is sometimes called Auricular Therapy. Reflexology of the ear uses touch techniques, whereas Auricular Therapy will often use needles.

 This intensive seventy five hour course is offered on weekends, and is comprised of twenty hours of group instruction, fifteen hours home study and forty hours of practicum. Enrolment is limited to twelve participants ensuring plenty of personal supervision during the learning process. A complete set of course notes is provided to each participant.

 The first evening of the course commences with an introduction to the holistic, historical and theoretical context of ear reflexology - with an introduction to the ear reflexology chart. The evening is completed with a "hands -on" introduction to techniques used to stimulate reflexes of the ears. Short nails on the thumb and index finger are required for effectiveness.

 On Saturday morning, each segment of the ear is introduced with a presentation of the value of stimulating the reflex areas contained within each segment. This is interwoven with instruction in the techniques used to stimulate the reflex areas of each segment of the ears. 

 Sunday is a day of review and practicing the techniques to develop confidence.

 At the conclusion of the course instruction the requirements of the practicum and home study assignment are reviewed before participants set out to practice on their friends.

 Participants submit documentation of their practice and their home study assignment  for review and coaching upon completion of their practicum. Participants who are not able to submit their documentation in person submit it by mail.

The promise of the course is that participants who complete the requirements will be able to practice ear reflexology competently. A certificate is awarded for successful completion of the course.


This course has been accredited by the Reflexology Association of Canada for 20 CEU's (Category R). 


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