Advanced Reflexology: Professional Skills Certificate Weekend Course

This seventy hour course is offered in a weekend format only, and, consists of twenty hours of instruction, followed by twenty hours of practicum and thirty hours of assignments. Enrolment is limited to fourteen participants to ensure plenty of personal supervision during the learning process. Participants are provided with a complete set of course notes to support them in their learning.


The prerequisite for this course is completion of a basic course in foot, hand or ear reflexology and a basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology.


The intent of the course is to empower you in the development of your knowledge and skill in your professional practice of reflexology.


The curriculum includes (and is not limited to) the topics: the nature of stress, medical terminology, hygiene, keeping client records, reflexology basic principles, first aid, meanings of sensitivity, use of pressure, dynamics of relating to recipients, frequency of sessions, contraindications, code of ethics and conduct, basic business skills, and, understanding health conditions.

The practicum requires completion and documentation of 20 reflexology sessions.

The home study assigments involve research of 5 natural health therapies, 5 self help health activities, five health conditions and five sets of resources for various life issues.

At the conclusion of instruction the requirements of the practicum and assignments are reviewed.


Participants are required to submit documentation of their practice and assignments for review and coaching upon completion of this course.


Participants can expect to deepen their understanding and broaden their knowledge of reflexology and related topics. A certificate is awarded for successful completion of this course.


This course, combined with the Basic Holistic Foot Reflexology Certificate Course prepares you to write the Reflexology Association of British Columbia professional proficiency exam. Similarly, with completion of a written and practical exam it allows you to be accepted as a professional member of the Reflexology Association of Canada.




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