Advanced Reflexology: Clinical Skills Certificate Weekend Course

This sixty hour course is offered in a weekend format only, and, consists of twenty hours of instruction followed by thirty hours of practicum and ten hours of home study. Enrolment is limited to ten participants to ensure plenty of personal supervision during the learning process. Participants are provided with a complete set of detailed course notes to support them in their learning.


The pre-requisite for the course is completion of a basic course in foot reflexology that includes a basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and, a practicum.


The intent of the course is to empower participants in the development of their knowledge and skill in the practice of reflexology. Participants transform their practice of reflexology to strategically provide a healing therapy.


The course has a balanced combination of theory and "hands-on" practice. It commences with a review and introduction of additional foot loosening techniques. Strategies for working with the healing process are introduced and examined. The application of the reflexology techniques learned in the Basic Holistic Foot Reflexology course are critically reviewed. Variations of techniques and new techniques are introduced including application of reflexology for a scar and the preparation of a case study. These techique variations and new techniques prepare participants to competently practice reflexology therapeutically.


At the conclusion of the instruction and practice the requirements of the practicum and the home study assignment are reviewed. The practicum requires completion and documentation of 25 reflexology sessions. Five sessions performed on one person are to be developed into a written case study. The other home study assignment is the research of 5 health conditions.


Participants are required to submit documentation of their practice and their home study assignment for review and coaching upon completion of this course.


Participants can expect to broaden their knowledge of the therapeutic use of foot reflexology techniques and feel competent to strategically address their clients health conditions from attending this course. In short, to function competently as a clinical reflexology therapist.


A certificate is awarded for successful completion of all the components of this course.


This course is accredited by the Reflexology Association of Canada for 20 CEU's (Category R).


One students comment at the end of the weekend: "Thanks very much. Awesome course. Learned lots as always."


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