Hypno-Peripheral Processing (HPP) Audio Programs

Reflexology has an amazing ability to relieve the body of stress. This can produce impressive reduction of the symptoms of disease. However, if the source of the stress is not addressed, then the need for reflexology may become constant.

Stress can have a variety of sources. However, most stress, especially the stress that accumulates in the body, originates in our minds. Most stress comes from the way that we interpret the world around us, and ourselves in it.

In particular, when we encounter a situation that is traumatic, we typically suppress, repress or deny this situation. It is our way of coping – it is our method of survival. The knowledge of the situation does not go away, in fact it gets stored in our body – producing stress whenever we encounter something that reminds us of it!

Often our behaviour feels driven. Some people will say “That is just the way that I am.” Or, “I cannot do that – it is not me.” Or, “I couldn’t help it – they were pushing my buttons”. There are many rationalizations that we use to protect ourselves from our swallowed traumas. However, these swallowed traumas are often the motors that generate stress in our body that eventually will manifest as disease.

HPP tapes and CDs are one of the most effective and cost effective tools that you can use to free yourself of your inhibiting swallowed traumas.

Not only are they very effective they are also delightful to use, and demand of you absolutely no effort.

When you listen to the recording you are quickly whipped up in a wonderful parable-like story. Within a couple of minutes this story will become two stories. Using headphones the stories are delivered to each ear separately. You have a choice: you can focus on either of the stories, or, you can just let the stories waft over you. The only thing that you do NOT want to do is try to keep up with both stories at the same time – that would drive you crazy with intensity!

Each story is constructed as a whole, and uses delightful metaphoric images. These metaphors access the most creative resources of the brain, and tell a story which contains a solution to a problem. These messages bypass the critical/logical defenses of your conscious thought and carry powerful positive learning messages to the subconscious.

After several listening sessions, you will begin to notice a positive cumulative effect on your overall emotional state. You will feel more calm and more in control of your life. Positive changes will occur spontaneously, in fact you probably will not notice the positive changes until after they have actually occurred – when you might notice – “that is strange, I never used to like doing this!”

HPP stories assist you to release trauma held in your body, the trauma that often underlies disease. They free you from the need for constant reflexology.